Pricing and Costing Community Services
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  • 3 Hour
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Course Details

Code: OC1235
Category: Public
Duration: .5 day(s)
Version: 1
Sub category: Government Procurement
This workshop will provide an overview of what to consider when developing an offer price for community services in WA. It will address governance principles, understanding financial statements, pricing for financial sustainability, and costing of services. Presented by 2020 Global.

Topics included
• How to identify if you require business policy and process changes in your organisation
• Applying financial governance principles to your own organisation and identify areas for improvement
• Understand the importance of good record keeping and financial reporting
• How to consider your organisation’s sustainability with regards to pricing

This session is designed for organisations that are interested in tendering for community services in WA.
Public sector employees are welcome to attend.


Key Details
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